GeoSoft is a mathematical application of the most geometric shapes in education, provides commonly used mathematical concepts and names of planar and spatial objects.t has 14 tabs for square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, parallellogram, circle, cylinder, sphere,  cuboid, cube, cone, prism,  pyramid, etc. For each shape we can calculate the area and the perimeter or the surface area and the volume if the shape was 3 dimentional.

 Added value of GeoSoft :

  • Draw conclusions about shapes and their place in space
  • Interpret 2D representations of 3D objects made from shapes and calculate their surface area
  • Comment on length, perimeter, area, surface and the relationship between them
  • Unlimited practice

You can easily select the desired figure and will be displayed on the screen, as well as the locations of the input measurements also it is clearly shown which formulas are used for the determination of the circumference, surfaces, etc.  GeoSoft is particularly suitable for teaching (teachers & students) and designers, because it is suitable for the preparation of different tests.